I’d never like you – that’s why I love you


This (academic) year I’ve met some truly amazing people; I’m not saying that I can count on an infinite supply of friends – as far as the notion of “true friend” is concerned, I can say that I can boast a few friendships that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. I do think about these friendships often and have come to the conclusion that friendships are very much like plants: at the beginning they require care, work and fastidiously rigid habit, but, as time goes on, the bond seems to develop itself, becoming stable and destined to last in time, even if left to stand alone for weeks upon end. The roots of this tree could well be the memories upon which this spiritual institution, this platonic wedding is solidly based. I go out with most of my friends once every month or couple of months, at distant and irregular intervals – the fact that we all live in different cities and countries surely doesn’t help.

No matter how long our arms are, our fingers will always be intertwined.

The funniest thing about my friends – a thing that still baffles me after all these years – is that the first time I saw them, I immediately thought to myself: “I would never like this person, let alone strike up a friendship.We’re just not compatible – I can sense it.”
I could not have been more wrong – I learn how not to judge a book by its cover over and over again.
The people I would never think of liking turn out to be the ones I love the most.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten to know people who have managed to make my day, to change my week like a spell of good weather, that make me think of things from a different perspective, see life through their lenses; people who have shown me that I’m not alone in my way of thinking, that passions are more enjoyable when shared, that have been of great inspiration to me – but that I, at the same time, have inspired; people who have shown me that no one in their right mind should fear feelings or escape sentiment, that expression is the very breath of life, that there is nothing more gratifying that helping another human being crack a smile, that looking someone in the eye can generate invisible fibres that envelope and tie you and the object of your beholding together; a person that we love’s happiness is food for our soul – people should realise that filling someone (even modestly) with joy makes them incommensurably richer than being rewarded with a treasure chest rife with inestimably precious gems.



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