From the void to our next breath

the wanderer mists

There exists an innumerable amount of quotes and sayings on the future: “Only time will tell”; “Homo faber fortunae suae” – to a certain degree; “De toekomst is een boek met zeven sloten” (The future is a book with seven locks); and the ubiquitous, perennial question: “Who knows what the future will hold?”

We do… and we don’t. If I were the only being in the universe, then I probably would be able to tell you about my future with a near scientific precision – but even then we change and become different people as the days go by, and a certain unpredictability of our behaviour and fancies comes with it. I wish I could know where I’ll be in a few years: it would be extremely comforting, reassuring and would brighten up the sinister corridor where I always have to “take the next step”.

But unfortunately my future won’t just spring out of nowhere like a luminous sign in Las Vegas: bright, loud and clear. The important thing is survival. I shook my head as I wrote that: “Far too passive”.
Some often depict life as an ocean and we are swept away and cradled by its waves – we are brought to wherever life takes us. I don’t dislike this metaphor and for certain aspects I find it a rather veracious although vague account of our existence as humans: we cannot really hold sway over the physical world (however we can be the masters of our own little universes) so we are slaves to the flow of time. Nevertheless, I feel as if something’s missing: our person, our footprint, we can’t just live to vanish without leaving anything behind.

So let us stay afloat on the waves of life, but let us float the best we can; we have to collaborate and help the world create life for us out of that void that lies in the nothingness of our next second.

5 minutes have gone by and I’m in a future that 5 minutes ago I would never have known.


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